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Crossing the Kennetcook river on horseback at Evangeline Trail RidesWhy lease at Evangeline Trail Rides?  We offer an innovative, low-cost approach to leasing, featuring our "barn lease" which provides you the opportunity to ride anytime* you want.  We have leasers who have previously owned horses and want a low-cost alternative to horse ownership.  We have leasers who are just beginning to explore horse riding and are gaining experience in being able to ride more frequently.

Whatever your reason to lease you will enjoy:

- Great company - we have a fantastic community of riders at Evangeline Trail Rides
- Access to miles of trails
- A more cost-effective alternative to hourly trail rides
- Riding with other riders at times that are convenient to you
- Leasers get priority when we are trailering to off-property events (e.g. shows, clinics, beach rides)
- For members of the Fillies, leasers receive a discount on Wednesday
- Leasers receive a one free lesson per month

Leasing — Barn Lease

This is a way to see how interested you really are in horses and gives you a chance to ride a variety of horses.

Enjoying some grazing after a day of ridingYou can choose either a closed or open lease (We recommend an open lease - that way you ride a variety of horses).  You can ride anytime* you want to — there is always someone to ride with and we highly recommend that no one rides alone! You also benefit from a reduced price on the Wednesday Fillies ride.

* Some restrictions apply - basically you can ride anytime you want subject to availability of Evangeline Trail Rides staff to bring in horses from pasture and to supervise.  We require that riders do not ride alone.